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Collagen (Gelatin) Products

Collagen (Gelatin) Products are the natural organic items that are produced with the help proteins that are found in the bones, muscles, skin, and tendons. They are available in fine granular and powdered form which is formed by the hydrolysis and fermentation of the naturally produced translucent, colourless and flavourless food ingredient that are derived from the structured extracellular protein matrix in body tissues. The availed Collagen (Gelatin) Products are available in the form of peptides, peptone and hydrolysed collagen. These can be used for the production of various items in medical, cosmetic, food, beverage, supplement and various other industries. Buy from us these top quality and finely processed products in bulk at a low cost.
Collagen Hydrolysate
Product Code :- 01
Collagen Peptide (Type A)
Product Code :- 02
Collagen Peptide (Type B)
Product Code :- 03
Gelatin Peptone
Product Code :- 04
Fish Hydrolysed Collagen
Product Code :- 10