About Us

CRESCENT BIOTECH is established in 2004 by the experts and technocrats having vast experience and knowledge in the field of Biological Products, Agriculture Formulations, Animal Health and Nutrition & All types of protein derivatives.

The company caters mainly to Laboratory Chemical suppliers, animal nutrition & health formulation companies, Organic Agriculture Formulation and food Industry by its quality ingredients and nutraceuticals. Some of the products includes Bovine Liver Extract, Yeast Extract, Peptone, Meat Extract, Protein Hydrolysate , Collagen Hydrolysate, etc.

Manufacturing and Testing Facility

The company has its own state-of-art facility with huge capacity to manufacture the products in bulk. The facility consist of Hydrolysis Plant, Filtration Plant, Evaporation Plant and Spray Drying plant. All these plants are semi-automatic and some are fully automatic.

The company has established modern Analytical as well as Microbiology laboratory to test the raw materials, in-process products and finished products to meet the claimed quality standards.

Raw Material Sourcing

Raw materials required for our product range are organic in nature and fall under natural source, it becomes slight tedious to procure consistent quality and quantity supplies throughout the year. For this the company is tied up with all raw material suppliers on long term basis which is our strength and key to sustain in the business for longer term.

Quality Policy & Mission

We at CRESCENT are committed to serve the customers by providing safe and hygienic biological and protein products that meets their expectations and needs. We shall achieve this by complying all necessary food safety standards. We are bound to improve continually our processes including acceptance and control of raw materials and products.

Quality Objectives