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Protein Hydrolysates

Protein Hydrolysates are the plant or animal based essential nutrients that are prepared by the hydrolysis process in which the natural form is break down into di and tri peptides. They have a large DH value (degree of hydrolysis) which indicates larger concentration of the smaller short rings of amino acids. These are mainly used to make sports supplements and medicines due to their high consumption which allows the rapid absorption of amino acids unbroken micronutrient which gives maximum nutrient delivery to muscle tissues. Protein Hydrolysates are available in both liquid and powdered forms with a concentration percentage in between 30 to 90 percent. The fish protein based hydrolysate can be used as a bio-stimulant in agricultural applications for improving the quality and production of the crops.
Protein Hydrolysate Powder 80 %
Product Code :- 01
Protein Hydrolysate Powder 90 %
Product Code :- 02
Protein Hydrolysate Liquid 30 %
Product Code :- 03
Protein Hydrolysate Liquid 40 %
Product Code :- 04
Protein Hydrolysate Liquid 50 %
Product Code :- 05
Protein Hydrolysate Paste 65 %
Product Code :- 06