Protein Hydrolysate Liquid 30 %

Source Raw Material: Crude Soya protein, Casein(milk) protein, Corn Protein, Collagen Protein


Description: It is derived from the enzymatic hydrolysis of desired crude protein further purified to produce concentrated semi-solid liquid with characteristic proteinous odour.


Application: It is used in general purpose nutraceutical formulations, agriculture formulations (as Organic Nitrogen) and animal nutritional formulations as a source of hydrolyzed/ digested proteins rich in amino acids and peptides.


Physio-chemical characteristics




Light brown to Brown

Solubility in water (5 % solution)

Completely soluble in water

Clarity (2% w/v aqueous solution)

100 % Clear solution

pH (5 % solution)

5.0 - 7.0 (at room temp.)

Total Solids

NLT 30.0 %

Total nitrogen TN (Kjeldahl Nitrogen)

NLT 3.84 % w/w (NLT 12.8% On dry basis)

Total Protein Content

NLT 24.0 % w/w (NLT 80% On dry basis)






Total aerobic microbial count (TPC)

< 10000 cfu/gm

Total Yeast and mould count (cfu/gm)

< 100 cfu/gm

Test for Pathogen


  • E.coli
  • Salmonella
  • Pseudomonas aeruginos
  • Staphylococcus aureus


Negative in 10 gm of sample

Packing / Storage / Shelf Life

Packed in -

  • 250 kg HDPE Barrel
  • 25 kg HDPE drum with (optional with extra cost)
  • 1000 kg IBC Tank For EXPORT (optional with extra cost)



Storage -Under 30oC in dry conditions


Expiry -As per label claim


Please note: This product can be customised to suit desired specifications or your in-house specifications.

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